Today’s customer service award goes to: Primark in Stevenage

I’m not a regular in Primark, just occasionally popping in for basics like plain black t-shirts and the like, and putting up with the typically long queues. But I popped in today because I was after something for the Jubilee weekend and I’d seen this in on a mannequin in the window and quite liked it.

Needless to say it was nowhere to be found in the store. There were a few other Union Jack designs but none I really liked. So I asked a member of staff if they had any. He thought not, but wasn’t sure, so went and got another member of staff. Between them they concluded they’d had about three left that morning but they’d all gone.

I nearly left it, but thought I might as well ask: “Any chance of finding out what size the one in the window is?” I figured that in the busyness of the store (and it was busy) they’d probably just say they weren’t allowed, but no; one went off to check with a manager if they could get it from the window display. When she came back with permission, they both came downstairs with me to have a look. But the door to the window display was locked (which didn’t surprise me, but seemed to surprise them a little). Off they went again to find another manager and get the key. And in to the window display we went, to find the t-shirt was exactly the right size. And soon it was in my hands while I waited in the long but mercifully quick-moving till queue.

Over all I pretty much had the undivided attention of two members of staff for nearly 20 minutes.

And all for a three pound sale. 

Thanks, staff at Primark Stevenage. You are my stars for today.

(On the way out I hoped to snap a photo of the now-topless mannequin as evidence, but he’d already been given a new, different, t-shirt.)

stevenage primark
Stevenage Primark. Photo by Nuala on Flickr.


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