Happy anniversary to me, happy anniversary to me, happy anniv… (You get the idea.)

NOTE: This is the dull post that I held back yesterday when I instead mentioned Gary Younge’s “Stevenage” piece. (And you really should read the comments on that – it’s got a bit interesting.) Figured I might as well publish this tonight seeing as I’d gone to all the trouble of piecing it together.

My calendar tells me it’s five years since the first post on this blog. It was about prayer.

So, as today is my fifth anniversary, I took a little trip down memory land at the other anniversaries so far. Beware: this could get boring. If it isn’t already.  

These are the nearest posts to the 9th May each year.

First anniversary 2008: Realised that this blog was never going to stay based on spiritual stuff alone so announced its scope would be widening.

 Second Anniversary 2009: Surprise! A (slightly) spiritual update. (Very, very, slightly.)

Third anniversary 2010: a write-up of a bike ride. There were lots of those back then, as I trained for my first London to Paris ride.

Fourth Anniversary 2011: Er… well, I mentioned it was the fourth anniversary. Hmm. (Note to self: D0 not bother doing one of these next year. It is boring.) 

And while I was thinking about anniversaries, I looked these up. Just because I wondered.

  • I joined Facebook on 28th May 2007  (So, not long after this blog started.)
  • I joined Flickr on 5th June 2007
  • I joined Twitter on 11th June 2008
  • And I joined LinkedIn just last month.

What do *you* think?

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