Little things I just don’t understand, part one: Dog Years.

I’m no scientist. But the way I understand it, a year is defined as the length of time it takes one’s planet (that would be Earth, in our case) to orbit its star (the Sun).

Earth kindly demonstrating its orbit.

Now, I’m not much of a dog person either. But I’m pretty certain that every dog I’ve encountered so far has been on the same planet as me. So what’s all this nonsense about “dog years”? Just stop it.

Dog Daydreams
A Dog. Dreaming about life on another planet. Maybe.  (Photo by Scott King on Flickr.)


6 thoughts on “Little things I just don’t understand, part one: Dog Years.

  1. Nancy Tanner

    fun post. It doesn’t have to do with the planet they live on really, although a fun thought. It has to do with development. What we as humans do in the first seven years of our life, a dog does in one. It just holds true to our dogs first year, none beyond that…

    1. Trevor Post author

      Hmm. Read that. Still don’t get it. To quote from about half way down: “The oldest recorded age for a dog is 27 years”. Yes. Exactly. 27 years. So what the heck is all that nonsense in the table about. 27 years = 27 years.

  2. Sara

    I don’t get it either… and don’t get me started on so-called “cat years”, they’re just as baffling.


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