Will this blog finally find its focus?

Boy I do meander around a bit. This blog started life as a spiritual journal, drifted into a vague sort of “sharing things I’ve found on line” depositary, briefly found a niche in “sharing Land Registry restructuring rumours”, got overtaken with “cycling to Paris” stuff two summers running, and now once again drifts around fairly aimlessly.

But you may have noticed a recent trend. Hmm, yes, what’s this on the horizon? A photography degree, you say? Ah, yes, now you come to mention it, there have been a few more posts about photographs and stuff over the last few months.

And now my blog awaits the onslaught. Or maybe the transformation. Should it become – dare I suggest it – a “Photography Blog”?  Maybe it should. Or maybe – it shouldn’t.

But just in case it does, here’s a starter. I took these on on Sunday.


Posts on patrol
Posts on Parade

Old Lamppost Detail
Old Lamppost Detail

That’ll do for now.

As you were.

What do *you* think?

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