The new adventures of Trevor start here. (Well, in September.)

I got the email today. The email I’ve been waiting for.

Something has changed on your UCAS application; please log in to UCAS Track to view the changes.

I logged on. Within about three seconds, I’d guess.

And there it was:


Yep, I’ve had an offer of a place on the Photography Degree Course at the University of Hertfordshire.

I said previously that I was pleased with how my portfolio came together, but didn’t say much about the interview. That’s because I didn’t really think it had gone all that well. Just me and one of the course tutors, and my portfolio. I feared I may have come across as just some guy who had been made redundant, liked taking a few random snaps of everyday things, and though he’d have a go at somehow making a vocation out of it. Well, maybe that’s how I did come across, but that would be fair enough, because that’s pretty accurate picture.

Clearly, it went well enough.

So in September, I’m off to big school. Lots of people take a year out these days before starting university. I’ve taken 27 years out.

Pretending to be a photographer

There is one potential spanner in the works: Student Finance. Every indication, everything I’ve read, everyone I’ve spoken to, suggests that there’s no reason I shouldn’t be eligible for a Student Loan to cover all the tuition fees and a maintenance loan on top. Trouble is, from the information I gave them on my application, the initial assessment was that I’d get a maintenance loan, but a big fat zero towards the tuition fees. I’ve sent them the evidence they’ve asked for, but when I phoned today to chase progress they couldn’t tell me anything. Except that they have at least received my stuff, which was a relief as they’ve been known to lose paperwork in the past. Their decision isn’t due for another couple of weeks. And without it I’m not sure how I’m going to find £7800 a year for the next three years to pay for the course. 

19/03/2012: Quick update – Student Finance all approved


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