“A week of exciting things”

At the beginning of the week I tweeted this…

…but said nothing about what those exciting things might be. I think I’ve kept you waiting long enough.

Though to be frank, some of the exciting things were probably only exciting to me.

  • We finished decorating my son’s bedroom and had a new carpet laid…

(Note: I can see from the referral stats that a lot of people reach this page after searching for “orange yeti”. Yes, they do exist! But not many of them; I’m told there was a problem with the paint supply following the Tsunami in Japan and they had to drop the colour from the range.)

  • We drove up to Scotland to visit family.

But the big exciting – and daunting – thing was my interview

You see, back at the beginning of the year my wife and I had had a bit of a look ahead. What did we want to achieve this year? You know the sort of discussion; not exactly resolutions – just ideas. Well, one of the ideas was for me to go explore going to university and getting myself a degree. To seriously explore changing direction and getting out of office work. It’s never inspired me. Maybe this was the year to take a big risk.

So I had a look around at courses that I fancied.

And I found this: Photography BA Hons, University of Hertfordshire.

And I thought: I like the sound of that.

And I discovered the closing date for applications was imminent.

So I applied.

To get asked in for an interview was a great feeling, and as weeks passed and I started planning my portfolio I was getting excited and daunted. I’m really pleased with the portfolio I put together. I chose what I thought were some of my strongest images and had some fabulous prints made up. The best of these were mounted into a black book, and yesterday I went along to the interview day. Yes, I was nervous.

Our portfolios were handed in, to be reviewed by academic staff while all the candidates listened to a talk about the School of Creative Arts (much of which I’d heard before at an open day I managed to attend). Then, interviews. We were divided into our subjects, and the ten or so photography folk that day were taken to a waiting area among some studios. I was the second to be called in. There was one of the photography tutors, with my portfolio, which – after a couple of introductory questions – he simply asked me to talk him through. And that was about it.

The question a few people have asked is an obvious one: “How did it go?”. I don’t know, is the answer. It’s simply impossible to know “how it went”.  But however it went, there’s nothing more I can do now but wait.

I should hear if I’ve got a place within about fifteen working days. I’ll let you know.


What do *you* think?

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