Trying to be creative

I drew this. If you can call it drawing.

Need I say more? Only a correction – it was actually more like NINE months ago that my wife bought me the pens. Anyway, I really enjoyed doing that, so the next night I sat down to do another one…

Blank Page Syndrome

…and after that I thought I’d exhausted my bank of ideas. But a friend suggested I should do a time-lapse of myself doing one. That gave me an idea…


It was quite a different discipline doing it like that; for the previous two I’ve moved the pad around constantly and done bits with it on my lap or some on the floor, and there’s no way you could sensibly film a time-lapse like that so I had to rig up a tripod and do the whole thing with the pad in situ. Which made it surprisingly fiddly, as the tripod kept getting in the way, and I had to keep ducking my head under the camera (you’ll see it sometimes focuses on my head instead of the pad).

For anyone interested, I filmed the whole thing on my iPhone using Fingerlab’s brilliant iMotion HD app. (The same app I used to film this.) Here’s the “rig” I used!


What do *you* think?

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