Semi-tonal discrepancy

Day three of this “trying to blog every day every month” thing and again it’s reached midnight before I’ve sat down to do it. So once again nothing new from me today. Same old, same old.

Been busy, you see. On some Very Important Paperwork. That’s all you need to know.

In the meantime, I’ve been really enjoying catching up with Tim Minchin’s work recently. He’s been around for a while but I somehow managed to miss him until a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a short taster:

Be warned that if you click through and see some of his other stuff there’s some very strong language and some very adult humour. But I think it’s utterly brilliant.  Highlights include are “If I didn’t have you“, his charmingly delightful Christmas song, “White wine in the sun“, and of course the nine-minute beat poem, “Storm“. None of which actually show his amazing piano work. You’ll have to find that for yourself.


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