Welcome to NaBloPoMo. (Er… say again?)

Yeah, so, welcome to NaBloPoMo.

Er, you what? Well, it’s one of them words. You know, made up from the beginnings of other words. Like brunch. Or  spork. Or Oxbridge. In this case, the words are National Blog Posting Month.

No, I hadn’t heard of it either. But a couple of blogs on my reading list mentioned it today, as November is when it happens. Yes, NaBloPoMo starts today. Which means you aim to post something on your blog every day for the month of November. Why? Well, just because. I think. I don’t know, really. But this year, I’m going to give it a go.

You lucky, lucky people.

Actually, I’ve been meaning to write something on here for a while now, so maybe this will be what it takes to get me going. There are a few things I’d like to witter on about.

  • I finished that Christianity Explored course that I mentioned a while ago, but I’ve not said a single thing about how it went. I should think about that sometime.
  • How am I getting on with my work post Land Registry, and my plans (hopes?) to earn a living doing something I actually enjoy? (And how much should I say about that considering both my directors are now friends on Facebook so may see anything I put on here?)
  • What have I done about developing my photography since doing that wedding? (Short answer: nothing.)

Er… well, that’s three subjects I can think of. There must be more hiding away somewhere. If I’m stuck, the NaBloPoMo people are pumping out a “prompt” every day to get you inspired. (Today’s is “What is your favourite part about writing?” but I’ve ignored that.) I can’t help but notice that NaBloPoMo seems to primarily be organised by and partaken in by female bloggers. It seems to be part of the “BlogHer” network, and I’ve not seen much mention of it anywhere else. (The domain nablopomo.com just redirects to this page on BlogHer.) I’m not part of BlogHer (duh!), though I guess a few blogs I read must be, or I’d never have heard of it.

If I really fancied doing something for the month of November, genetics might suggest I’d be better of partaking in Movember. But my wife would hate that. So NaBloPoMo it is.

Me not doing Movember.

So, what will tomorrow’s post be about?

(Disclaimer: I may give up on the whole idea before tomorrow. My blog, my rules.)


2 thoughts on “Welcome to NaBloPoMo. (Er… say again?)

  1. becndrew

    Hi Trevor, thanks for pointing me to your post. I wonder how long I’ll be able to waffle on about Waitrose and anything else that springs to mind. The focus for me is my exercise regimen – being back at work means that may well go out of the window. I’ll see.

    1. Trevor Post author

      We shall see indeed. I’d love to ‘write’ more on here (as opposed to just ‘posting stuff’, although I don’t seem to even do much of that any more). Trouble is my blog has never had a single focus like yours, which is why it’s never really settled to anything.


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