Er, really, Coventry?

I have a dormant account with Coventry Building Society, which I need to close. It has 30p in it, and I assume it costs them more than that every time they send me a statement.

So I phoned, and asked them to close it. Can’t do that on the phone: I have to write. I can understand that.

But when I phoned, I couldn’t remember my password. So they need me to reset my password. I can understand that, too.

So they sent me a letter. With a form in it. On which I must write my new password, and post it to them.



It looks a secure system. Nothing on the form to identify me or my account except a barcode. Strict instructions not to include anything else in the envelope. But even so.

I’m not sure I’ve come across anything so ridiculous in all the time I’ve been using the internet.


Two days later I had a letter from Coventry in response to this. Great customer service. See my follow-up post here.


What do *you* think?

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