Going back to basics

It may, perhaps, be a last-ditch attempt to salvage any remnants of the faith I once had, but last Sunday evening I went along to the first session of a Christianity Explored course that my best mate, now vicar of St Nicholas Church in Stevenage, is running.

You may not have heard of Christianity Explored, but it’s pretty much another version of The Alpha Course (which I’m assuming you probably have heard of)  but with a slightly less Evangelical/Charismatic leaning. (If that’s a rubbish interpretation, do correct me if I’m wrong.)

There were  about eight of us ‘explorers’ there, alongside a team of four helpers. We’re looking at Mark’s Gospel, and trying to work out what it all means. That’s the theory. So why am I doing it? Exploring the basics of Christianity? Don’t I know this stuff already? Well, yes. Yes, I do. But I used  to believe it. Or at least I thought I did. Now, I don’t. Not really.

So when Dave told me he was putting it on I thought: oh, go on then.

Last week was all introductory stuff. This week, we’ll all have read the first couple of chapters of Mark and have some questions to look at. To be honest, I’m really not expecting to learn anything new, or to hear anything I’ve not heard before.

But maybe, just maybe, I’m in a different place and something will make sense.

Or maybe I don’t really want it to.

Time will tell.



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