Another letter from the taxman…


So, that income tax thing. Yeah, that one. (Here, here, and here.) You’re all dying to hear the result, I know…

Dear Mr Coultart

Oh, hello again. I wasn’t expecting to hear back from you so soon.

Thank you for your letter dated 12 August 2011 and I am sorry for the delay in replying.

Apology accepted.

There is no trace of your original letter dated 19 May 2011…

Well, I think I’d assumed that.

…and there was no knowledge of your redundancy payment on record.

As, indeed, I’d suspected.

Unfortunately this meant that a 2010-11 calculation was issued on 23 August 2011 and this did not include your redundancy payment.

Ah, yes, that’ll be the letter I mentioned back here.

I have now amended the calculation to reduce your HM Land Registry earnings by the amount you refunded them and also to include the taxable redundancy payment of (edited out for blog) and tax of (ditto).

Go, on then, what’s the damage?

The result is that you have been over repaid (ditto) please return the original payable order if it has not yet been cashed or  the (ditto) now due.

Right, right, I see. “Over repaid”, eh? That’s novel terminology. Anyway, let me do some sums here. So you sent me a cheque for, um, that much, okay, I see, and now you want me to send you, er, this much, so, let me see, that much minus this much equals…?

Oh, of course: exactly what I worked out when I did the sums myself.



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