My first wedding

Last week I wrote about my latest photographic assignment: a friend’s wedding. I’d never photographed a wedding before (heck, I don’t really photograph people all that much) but their photographer had let them down only a few days before the ceremony and they thought of me as “someone sensible who knows how to use a camera”.

I hesitated before taking the plunge and agreeing to go ahead. They were able to lend me a DSLR camera (their bridesmaid’s!) which I had just a couple of days to play with before the wedding itself, and then it was in a the deep end.

I was quite nervous, so very glad it was a nice small ceremony – just eighteen in attendance so no big crowd control needed and no difficulty making sure we had all the right people in all the right shots. (The big party was the following evening, where I had the pleasure of being a guest.)

One the day, I ended up taking about 450 photos. And they’ve kindly given me permission to put a few online, so here are some samples…

The Groom and his best man awaiting the bride’s arrival

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The Bride arrives

Signing the (fake) register
Did you know you’re not allowed to photograph them signing the actual
register because of “data protection rules”? No, neither did I.

Ceremony over!

The assembled company. 

Bride and Groom. As if you needed telling.

Sharing the limelight with their beautiful daughter.

A relaxed post-photo stroll

This is one of my favourites in terms of composition, but it’s such a shame that the pond is so muddy and the grass is, well, just mud. I photoshopped out a mangled umbrella from the bank of the pond; I wonder if I could create a nice grassy bank somehow? 

As the reception wasn’t until the evening of the next day, I had time to do a quick shortlist, and put about 120 shots on a laptop so they could have a slideshow running for people to see at the party. I got lots of positive feedback – especially from the bride’s father who said I was a lot more professional than some professional photographers he’s seen at weddings- so feel great about the whole thing. I’ve subsequently gone through every photo doing a bit of careful cropping and brightening – and occasional editing – and given the happy couple the a disc with the full-resolution files on for them to do as they wish with.

Overall, a great positive experience. I’d love to do something with photography. Whether shooting weddings for a living is ever likely to be my thing I’ve no idea, but it’s been great to know that I was able to rise to this challenge.


8 thoughts on “My first wedding

  1. Phil Wadner

    Well done – the pictures look great! I particularly like the one where the couple are signing the (fake) register. Oh, love the candid shot of that guy pinching the bride’s bottom as she arrives .

  2. Danielle Gannon

    That’s our favourite shot, Phil. They are wonderful photos Trevor, we are so lucky!! You are so talented!!! 🙂 Love from The Bride


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