Taxman’s calculations have arrived

Another day, another letter from the taxman.

This one showed the calculations as to my tax for the 2010-2011 tax year, and indeed told me I had a cheque on its way. (Which in fact also arrived today. In a separate envelope. That’s efficient.)

And, as suggested on the phone yesterday, the refund was considerably more than I’d calculated.

Let’s have a look at their figures, shall we?

Well, the figures for my income match the ones I’ve been working from. And so do the figures for the tax I’ve paid on that income. So far so good.


As I suspected, they appear to have no knowledge whatsoever of the redundancy payout I received. Nor even the fact that I have already paid some tax on it. Gah! I know I’ve paid some income tax on the taxable element of my redundancy – but Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs don’t!

How is this possible?!

They also, of course, know nothing of my overpayment of salary from Land Registry. Land Registry have clawed that back from me but I’d still paid tax on it. All set out in my letter. Which I’ve sent twice.

Sigh. I’ll bank the cheque. But not spend it. Yet.


One thought on “Taxman’s calculations have arrived

  1. Diana Smith

    Inland Revenue seems to make mistakes more times than they seem to get things right. I wrote to them 4 months ago over stamp duty paid , l now know for TWO properties and LAND. The “mistake” with my post code , that Land Registry knew about “many” years ago, now turns out to not be a mistake, just a fraud in hiding the other property and land on this “other” post code. Inland revenue do not seem to want to answer me. I also took the matter up with the treasury and they also do not answer. I am beginning to think both these bodies think if they ignore things , then they will go away. Is it any wonder this country of ours is disappearing down the perverbial plughole.


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