Telephoning the taxman

So, I phoned. After yesterday’s letter, how could I not?

I’d told them I’d written. They knew they had some information on its way. But still they worked out my 2010-2011 tax based on “the information they had on file”.

And based on that information, the refund they’re sending me is considerably more than the one I’d worked out. Which is nice. But it could of course be recalculated once they have all the information I sent them. So, I’ll get the refund. But I won’t know if it’s really mine until they’ve processed my letter.

And what of the letter? Still no record of it on my file. But if it was received on 15 August (it was, I have the proof) then I can’t expect them to start looking at it until 16 September.


Say again?

Lines in the sky

Photo to illustrate that I used a telephone. Although actually it was
a mobile, so this is completely irrelevant. Pretty, though. 


What do *you* think?

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