My lifetime tour of Stevenage


My family lived in this road when I was born, but I don’t know which house. Wychdell, Broadwater

UPDATE: A correction is needed here. Since posting this, I’ve realised I got mixed up. Wychdell, pictured above, was before I was born. Family moved from there into Marlborough Road, and that’s the one I should have pictured. I’d forgotten about that entirely. (But hey, give me a break, I was a new-born!)


While I was still a baby, we moved here. I have only the vaguest of recollections of this house. Rough carpets, I recall. Lingfield Road, Martin’s Wood


We were here twelve years, all through my school days, and we had a huge extension built. It’s the the closest thing in my mind to “the family home”  (Though I’ve now lived in my present house longer than I was here.) Keats Close, Chells


But once my older bothers had moved out, it was a bit too big so my folks moved here with me. That conservatory wasn’t there back then. Jessop Road, Pin Green

1990 – 1992

My parents moved out of town, but I didn’t want to go with them so moved in with my brother here. Ashdown Road, Broadwater


And then my brother moved away with his job, so I lodged with a friend here. That nice porch has been added since. Wortham Way, Shephall


Then I got married in 1994 and moved in to the flat my wife was renting from a friend. (Note: got married and then moved in. How very quaint that seems now.) Southend Close, Old Town

1997 – today

And then in 1997 we managed to buy our first place, in Symond’s Green, where we still are today. Isn’t Google Streetview useful?


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