New record ride: average speed 2.7mph!

An hour and twenty-one minutes of cycling should, these days, work out at about 18 to 20 miles for me. But today, I covered 3.65 miles.

The amazing Like-a-Bike

And what a lovely, lovely ride it was. Far removed from my normal training rides, this was our first family cycle with all three of us pedalling our own two wheels. We’d had a lovely, lazy morning in front of the telly watching the Royal Wedding (which I enjoyed far more than I expected to,by the way) but that was “a bit boring” for my son at four years old so after lunch we went out for a bike ride and let him choose where we would go. Until recently he’s been on his Like-a-Bike, but he’s recently started going out on his pedal bike. And until today, one of us has always stayed on foot next to him just in case. But not this time.

What a delightful way to spend the afternoon. A slow ride for me, for sure, but one of the loveliest. A four-year-old’s pace, with lots and lots of little stops, explains the speed.

We’ll do it again, I’m sure. But I guess I can’t really count it as training!

(Note: That was a rare departure into family life on this blog. Normal service resume shortly.)

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