It started with the pirates…

Not far around the corner from me, there’s a flagpole in a small garden. I think it’s quite new, as I’d never noticed it before. So why did it suddenly catch my eye? Because on April 1st, it was flying a Jolly Roger, and it sure made me smile. I’m glad a took a photo, because, a couple of days later…

Daily Snap 114: Pirates!

…it had been replaced by the ubiquitous smiley face. Hello, I thought, what’s going on here?

The Pirates have gone.

Move on a couple more days, and I heard from a friend online that it was now flying the Hertfordshire Flag. Heck, I didn’t even know there was a Hertfordshire Flag, but sure enough, there it was. I waited for about ten minutes to get a decent photo of it, but it was wrapped around the pole at the time, so here’s an image from wikipedia.

Next came this interesting number:

Now, I just saw that as an “England Flag”, and wondered what the sword was all about. According to this page, it’s the Flag of the City of London. Who knew, eh? (Note, I’m guessing my neighbour didn’t, as he’d actually flown it with the sword at the bottom. Unless he wanted to disrespect the City of London. ) I’d seen this in the  morning, and made sure I went passed again on the way home to get a photo, but what did I find?

This was there last week...

Yes, the good old Union Jack*. And flown the right way round, as you can see. And today I spotted this jolly little number:

That flag's changed again. I've missed a few, too.

I have no idea what this one is. Any Vexillologists out there care to enlighten me?

(*Yes, I know there’s some debate about whether it’s the ‘Union Jack’ or the ‘Union Flag’, and until recently I’d have called it the Union Flag and told anyone who questioned me that it’s “only the Union Jack when it’s flown on a ship”. But apparently that’s rubbish.)

UPDATE: Stuart tells me, in the comments, that the last one is the “Irish Republican flag”. Couldn’t find confirmation of that anywhere online at first, but have just found it here, right at the bottom of the page, where it’s actually listed as the flag of the “youth wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA)”.

Any new flags I’ll post under here with the date I snapped them. (Which won’t necessarily be the date they appeared.)

1 May 2011: The Flag of King Richard the First (Richard the Lionheart)
Today it's King Richard the First's turn.

10 May 2011: “The Colours of Ireland”, an unofficial flag showing the arms of the four provinces.
Latest Flag. No idea what this one is.

10 September 2011: Mudflap Girl.
Daily Snap 184: new flag


4 thoughts on “It started with the pirates…

  1. Stuart Dennis

    the last flag is an irish republican flag celebrating the easter uprising! I went round and chatted with him after Jodie googled it as we asked him what it was and he said google it!


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