Another Land Registry Chief Executive resigns.

Just last week I asked if there was any Land Registry news, and no-one mentioned anything of note. This afternoon, word reaches me that this email went out to all staff today:

From: Pierleoni, Marco
Sent: 21 March 2011 14:30
To: __All Land Registry
Subject: Goodbye

Dear all

I have resigned today as Chief Land Registrar and confirm that Malcolm Dawson has been appointed as interim Chief Land Registrar with immediate effect.

Whilst I have led the organisation during my short tenure through a difficult time of office closures, I will also leave with very good memories of a highly professional and dedicated organisation that remains at the heart of the property world.

Future uncertainties remain for you; I would encourage you to grasp the new vision and values being rolled out as it will serve you well in any eventualities.

I want to thank my colleagues on the board, senior management and DTUS colleagues for the support they have given me over the last year. I wish you all well.

Like the prodigal son, I’m returning to the dark side.


Marco Pierleoni

Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive, HM Land Registry

I’m told that rumours of this news hadn’t been doing the rounds, so it seems to be a complete surprise to everyone. How lovely for those who still work there. Once again, a Chief Executive resignation out of the blue, just like last time. And unless I’m misunderstanding something, it sound pretty much like that’s he’s leaving today. At least, his successor starts “with immediate effect”. How come people working at that level can just announce they’re  leaving “today”? Most of us have to work out at least a month’s notice.

Still, no longer my concern. And glad to be out of it.

(Incidentally, didn’t the Prodigal Son return from the dark side?)

UPDATE 22/03/2011: Here’s a link to the official press release.

UPDATE 13/5/2011: Wondering what he’s up to now? This news just in.


One thought on “Another Land Registry Chief Executive resigns.

  1. Michael Bennett

    During Marco Pierleoni’s tenure, a Customer Service Manager was granted the additional title of “Integrity Manager” on 01/11/2010. He had just supplied me with some very partial information in response to an FOIA request. The Land Registry recently informed me that there are 14 Integrity Managers, one in each office, “either appointed internally or through a recruitment process”. I had asked by whom the title had been conferred; this response was thus not very forthcoming. The Customer Service Manager, whom I suspect of having lied to the Police, used the “Integrity Manager” title a single time in a message to me (in an e-mail of 31/12/2010, in which he referred to my numerous requests, to which he was going to respond fully in the new year, but never did). Can anyone shed any light on the role, functions and responsibilities of an Integrity Manager in the Land Registry?


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