David Hayward, aka nakedpastor, on “Why I Love the Church”

Even though I found the church’s idea of spirituality extremely constrictive and it’s view of the Other restrictive, it was also within the church that my curiosity of these matters was aroused.

I’ve been following David Hayward’s “nakedpastor” blog for a good while now. When I first started he was minister of a church. Now, he’s not. But he often writes things that resonate with me. I may well have mentioned him before. (On twitter if not on here.)

The quote above is one of ten reasons from his recent post “Why I love the Church”. I’ve not knowingly seen seen the negative things he describes, but I love the fact that he still sees all those positives. I hope I see them, too.

Click on the link for the full post.

He also draws some great cartoons:


What do *you* think?

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