Highlighting great customer service: Flying Flowers

Dear Mr Coultart

Thank you for ordering with Flying Flowers during the Christmas shopping period. However we do realise that during December, our service wasn’t always at its best.

Like many retailers we were badly affected by the dreadful weather conditions, and some customers quite rightly complained whilst others didn’t, as is human nature. But we just want to make sure we take care of all our customers now, just in case we’ve let you down and didn’t realise.

So we’d like to express out sincere apologies if anything did go wrong with your order. And to make amends, if we can, we’d like to offer you the attached £5 off voucher to put towards your next purchase. This would help give us both the chance to brighten up someone’s day. The voucher does not require a minimum spend and is valid right up until February 28th 2011.

We are actually proud of our normal standards of service and quality so it upsets us too if we ever let anyone down. But we’re quite determined to make sure our customers are really looked after in 2011. But sorry once again if we were less than perfect last time. Although if you were actually delighted by us, then just consider the £5 off voucher a lovely New Year bonus!

Yours sincerely

Michael Duffy, Group Marketing Director.

So here’s the thing: I ordered some flowers from Flying Flowers in December, and they arrived in perfect condition on the arranged day, much to my Mum’s delight. But because they had a few complaints, I presume about delayed deliveries or things arriving in poor condition, they’ve sent this out to – as far as I can tell – everyone who placed an order during those “dreadful weather conditions” in December. Even though the problems were entirely outside their control.

That’s a pretty smart move.

Flying Flowers, I salute you.

(Note, this post is not sponsored in any form!)


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