Tying up a few loose ends…

Photo by Martin Gautron on flickr

Loose end one: That Land Registry “overpayment” letter.

After writing about November’s surprise letter from Land Registry asking for some money back from my final salary payment (original posts here and here) I kept quiet about it on union advice. Since then, a few more letters have been exchanged. I was asking for fuller explanations of how the mistake was made, and why my redundancy letter explicitly said excess leave would be taken account of in my final payment when in fact that couldn’t happen because of the dates involved. They answered each time, and each time stuck to their guns of asking for the whole amount.

Eventually they did threaten legal action. I’d taken advice that in law it was a debt I owed them, so I’m sorry to say I backed down at that point. I didn’t just cough up the whole amount; I sent a cheque representing an “initial payment” and asking for their bank details so I could set up a standing order. At that point I expressly asked for a goodwill gesture (“for the misleading information given in the redundancy letter”) in the form of a reduction in the total amount to be repaid; they ignored that request and sent me the bank details.

They’re getting the rest monthly over a whole year.

Loose end two: Cycling

Last year a large part of this blog was given over to cycle training and preparation for riding London to Paris for James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer. I did it, and loved every minute.

I’ve hardly ridden since then.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to sign up again to do it this year.

Loose end three: Pampered Chef

Since mentioning my new job as an Independent Consultant for The Pampered Chef a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been busy preparing to get things started. I now have nine parties booked and I’ve been getting nervous and excited about it all in equal measure.

My first party is tomorrow evening.

So if you happen to be coming to a Pampered Chef party in Stevenage tomorrow night, chances are it’ll be me. (So please buy something!)

Loose end four: iPhone envy

Not exactly a loose end from this blog, but I think most readers are people I’m linked to on Twitter and Facebook, and I used to regularly bang on about how much I wanted one over there. Well, eventually I got hold of one, and I love it. Two things came together to make it happen. A friend was researching Android smartphones and deals, and he came across GiffGaff: A contact-free SIM card that has a £10 a month deal which includes unlimited texts and data. None of the big providers are including unlimited data any more. Amazing deal, I thought, and I held it in mind. And then, after one more moan about my lack of iPhone on Twitbook another friend simply offered to lend me his “old” one – an iPhone 3GS that’s sat around gathering dust since he got his iPhone 4 – “until I decide what I’m doing”.

So I am now the very happy user of a borrowed iPhone 3GS on an amazing GiffGaff SIM deal. So far, I’d highly recommend GiffGaff. It has its quirks, but there’s a great online support network (of users rather than staff; it’s a tiny company). Free calls to 0800 numbers, not usually included on mobile packages, and free calls to other GiffGaff members are among the other benefits. If you want to grab yourself a free SIM – with £5 credit already on it – click here.

Loose end five: my faith

Still very much a loose end, this one. But have actually been thinking about it just a little recently. Which hasn’t happened for a while.


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