Photoshop: the final project.

Why, oh, why hasn’t he mentioned his Photoshop course since before Christmas? That’s what everyone’s asking. (Note: For ‘everyone’, read ‘no-one’.)

Tonight is the final evening, so if I don’t tell you now I probably never will and just think how disappointed you’ll all be then. For the last three weeks, we’ve been working on a “Final Project”: to design a CD case. I opted for a completely fictional band, and set out searching for some great photos. Loads of stuff over on Flickr, where I put my own photos, is published with a Creative Commons licence, so I searched for shots of bands, crowds, and Wembley Stadium, and set about using them to create my masterpiece. A huge thanks to Martin Pettitt, Amit Kanekal, Martin Fisch, Lourenço Fabrino (twice!) and roobarb! for publishing their photographs with a Creative Commons licence. (Clicking on their names will take you to their original photos on Flickr.)

I’m quite pleased with the result:

Photoshop Project

Those shots give an idea of what the completed case looks like. Here are the actual files so you can see more detail. Just to bore you even more rigid.

So there you have it. Photoshop Course completed. What next?

PS: Diaphractanthus? Diaphractanthus?! What kind of name for a band is that?! It’s the sort of name for a band you get by clicking “random article” on Wikipedia and picking the very first thing that came up. I found the track names the same way. A great suggestion from a Twitter friend.


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