What I’m reading

My second ever post on this blog  – way back in May 2007 – was a list of part-read books I found by my bedside. (Original list here, if you’re interested, and revisited in October 2008 here.)

Here’s what’s by my bed now:

Bill Bryson, At Home
I’ve read most of Bryson’s work, and love his laid-back style. I spotted this at the library last week, and couldn’t resist even though the others on the picture are all half-read, and it’s quickly become the one I pick up first.

Richard Holloway, Godless Morality
Borrowed from my wife’s Mum. Only had a brief look so far, but I’ve read another of his (Looking in the Distance) and it was an excellent read. He used to be a Bishop. He’s not any more.

Markus Zusak, The Book Thief
Lent to me by a young nephew. A great premise, very interestingly told. Done a couple of chapters; looking forward to getting further into this one.

Norman McGreevy, Must Try Harder
Novelty compilation of mistakes made by children in school tests. A stocking-filler from my Mum. More for dipping into than reading.

Albert Jack, Pop Goes the Weasel
An excellently thorough examination of the origins of nursery rhymes. A present from one of my many brothers. Again, great stuff so far!


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