So, here’s the thing…

Hi there! How you all doing? It’s been far too long. Sorry to keep you all waiting. Did you have a nice Christmas?

There’s this thing I’ve been meaning to tell you about, but, well, you know. Christmas. Birthday. New Year. Family visits. Life sometimes just gets in the way of keeping up a blog. Which is nice.

So, this thing, then. You’ll remember, I’m sure, how I was made redundant last year. How I’ve been working part time at a lettings agency. How I’ve occasionally wondered what I might do to bring in a bit of extra money.

Well, months ago I was chatting to a friend who suggested I could try being a Pampered Chef consultant. And I just smiled politely and said I’d not thought about it. Which indeed I hadn’t. (Actually, can you smile politely over Facebook Chat? It’d look like this, I guess: facebook chat emoticons smiler)

A few months later, guess what I’m about to embark on? Yes, I am a Pampered Chef consultant. Which means I’ll be going round to people’s houses doing cookery demonstrations for their invited friends. With the hope, of course, that their friends will buy some cookware, earning me a bit of commission and the host a bunch of freebies.

You may not have heard of Pampered Chef, but they sell a range of really good quality cookware. We’ve been using some of their stuff at home for a few years and it is great stuff.  Sales are mostly done in the style of good old Tupperware Parties in that the consultant (er, that’s me now!) goes to the host’s house with a range of stuff from from the catalogue, and the guests hopefully buy stuff. The big difference with Pampered Chef is that rather than just showing you the stuff, the consultant actually uses it for a live cookery demonstration – hopefully with lots of participation – and everyone gets to try out the stuff and sample the results.

I have my first seven demonstrations booked for January and February. Wish me luck!

I am now allowed to use this logo. Posh, eh?

Of course, I should take this opportunity to ask if any of you lovely readers would like to host a party. (It would help if you’re local!) All I’d ask is that you invite a bunch of friends, and supply a few ingredients. I’ll do the rest. Let me know by completing the form below and I’ll be in touch to sort out a date.

What do *you* think?

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