Photoshop Week 11. Bit of creative(ish) portraiture.

How has it reached past midnight on Tuesday before I’ve managed to tell you about yesterday’s Photoshop class? You must have been worried sick. And – hang on – what’s this I see? This is my first post on here since last week’s class. It’s okay, you can call off the search parties; I’m back.

So, what did we do last night? Well, first we spent a while playing with a few filters and effects (and who hasn’t already done that if you’ve had Photoshop for any time), and then got on with trying to make a couple of portraits a bit more interesting.

First we turned this:

Into this:

Pretty straight forward, a tight crop, desaturation, fiddling with contrast and stuff. It did involve a layer mask for some reason. Can’t remember why.

And then we turned this:

Into this:

This was a bit clever, actually. The shadows (it’s supposed to look like she’s in the shadow of a venetian blind, in case you hadn’t noticed were originally just solid black bars over the top of the image, which were then made a bit translucent and softened. But see how the shadows wrap around the contours on her arms? That’s the clever bit. We used a displacement mask. But then, you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you.


What do *you* think?

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