A couple more comments about my Land Registry letter… (And then I’ll shut up about it.)

Last night’s post about yesterday’s letter from Land Registry has provoked more comment than most things I’ve written about on here, and a few more comments have come in today.

I liked this:

Personally Trevor, I wouldn’t acknowledge it or pay any of it (even the 1.6hrs). It is absolutely their fault and you accepted your redundancy payment in good faith that they had done the correct holiday entitlement and both parties will have signed accordingly to the agreed sum. Let them chase you, hunt you down or whatever. I would first see how serious they are, and wait for the next letter by the time they’ve wasted months chasing you they’ll have spent five times that figure in idiotic admin. I would seek advice from the CAB (if the government hasn’t closed them down yet)….  Idiots, it’s bad enough they make people redundant in the first place and turn their lives upside down without chasing people for small sums that will have no impact on the Land Registry but a huge impact on an individual.

But wasn’t so keen on this (from someone on consumeractiongroup.co.uk):

I am afraid that even if the error was theirs, in law it is still a debt that you owe to them. But first you should make sure that you actually do owe it by asking for a full explanation of the error and why you owe this money. If you are then satsfied that they are correct in the error having been made, your best option is to ask for instalments – if they take it to court, unless you have the money to pay it this would be all they would get anyway, but your debt would increase as they would add court costs on to it.

I’m doing nothing yet. Well, at least not until I get a follow-up letter.


I did also get a bit of sage advice about being careful what I put online  in case “anyone currently working at Land Registry have access to your thought process until you decide what you are going to do”. A good point, perhaps, but it may be a bit late for that. I know from history that Land Registry management are aware of this blog (I had an email about it once from my then Area Manager – now on the board as Director of Operations), so I have to assume that anything I say on here may already have been seen. I don’t think I’ve said anything I wouldn’t say in a letter to HR, but I see the point about them seeing it in advance.





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