Reading recommendations. If you have a moment to spare.

Although I’ve been trying to spend a little less time on Twitter and Facebook, I haven’t reduced one of my other main online activities. I read a lot of blogs. My subscription list on Google Reader is currently set to show me everything that’s written on 126 blogs of a variety of shapes and sizes. Of course not all 126 are very active, and there will be a good number that have lain dormant for a long time, but even so there’s a lot of new material published most days and I do try to at least take a look and see what’s going on.

A fair few are personal blogs a bit like mine. Meandering around no particular topic, mostly only of interest if you actually know the writer or at least have something in common with them, but the best blogs are almost always single-subject ones. Thought you might be interested to hear about a few of my favourites…

(Sorry, image not clickable. Ran out of time. You’ll have to use the links below.)

UK Criminal Justice

The Magistrate’s Blog
Written by an anonymous and highly experienced magistrate, this was one of the blogs that first got me interested in blogging. In fact, my very first blog (long since abandoned and deleted) was one I started as a newly appointed JP. Through his blog I have found a few others written by people in the criminal justice system, all worth a look at…

Police Inspector Blog
Insights into UK policing from Inspector Gadget, an anonymous Police Inspector.

On Probation
You may have guessed from the title. This one’s written by a Probation Officer.

And a couple more blogging Magistrates, Radio Free Stan and The Justice of the Peace.


There must be loads of cycling blogs out there, but here are two I’ve enjoyed:

London Cyclist
Andreas writes about equipment, cycling etiquette, traffic, training, allsorts. All with a London bias, but relevant everywhere. (That reminds me – he asked me to write a guest post about Arch to Arc. I must get around to that some day.)

UK Cycle Rules
Very mush a single-subject blog! UK road law as it relates to cycling. Informative, well researched, and likely to be useful one day.


Looking for the latest developments in the world of technology, the internet, and social media? Look no further. TechCrunch always seem to get the news first.

Another great source of tech news.


PetaPixel seems to be a pretty good source of all things digital photography-related. I’m sure there are other great ones out there that I’ve not found, though. If you know of any, do let me know.


Parking in Stevenage
Originally based on finding the right place to park for the author’s commute, this has developed into a sideways look at all sorts of things, usually with a local flavour. Brilliantly written.

God and Stuff

Tricky category this. My list is bulging with blogs written by church ministers and even bishops, but I found it very difficult to identify which ones I’d say I read with any regularity. Things catch my eye from time to time, but to be frank a lot of these get skipped over  these days. Honourable mentions, though, to Naked Pastor and Cartoon Church. And at the other end of the spectrum Unreasonable Faith feeds my doubts on a regular basis.


Rage Against The Lymphoma
When I thought about compiling a list like this, I hadn’t planned to mention any personal blogs, but the daughter-in-law of very dear friends of mine has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma, and is bravely and with good humour, and great writing, blogging her treatment. It’s well worth a read.

I think that’s enough to be going on with, don’t you?


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