Tonight’s Photoshop ‘projects’.

Photoshop lesson didn’t get off to a great start today. The tutor spent a while telling us how great the “Extract Filter” feature was for making selections – and then, when he went to demonstrate it, discovered it wasn’t in Photoshop CS5.  (I looked it up online – apparently it was dropped when CS4 came out. Well, I have CS3 here at home, so maybe I’ll have a play from his notes.)

So we skipped a whole part of his planned lesson and went on to some selective colouring exercises.






Why two examples? Because they were done using very different techniques. The car was selected, copied, pasted into a new layer, and then the background image desaturated. For the duck the whole image was duplicated, the top layer desturated, and then a layer mask applied and painted out to reveal the coloured duck underneath. I didn’t really understand why you’d do it like that – seemed far more fiddly to me. But others found it more logical. It takes all sorts, I guess.

And then we played with some text effects. And then came home.





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