Farewell, Facebook; Toodle-pip, Twitter.

Not really, of course.

But I have embarked on a self-imposed “cut down a bit” regime I’ve called “Project October”. I posted this on as my update earlier this week:

Project October: spend less time on here. Blog posts and Flickr photos auto-update, but apart from that expect fewer updates & replies.

A couple of people on Facebook have wondered why. No-one on Twitter seems to have noticed. So why, then? Simply because I can get a bit obsessed with not missing anything. Which leads me to check way, way too often. So I’m aiming (not succeeding so far!) to just take a look once a day. And that means I do miss stuff. But you know what? It doesn’t matter.

Looking at Facebook once a day, I’m not going to miss too much; I can scroll back and see what most people have been saying and respond if I feel so inspired. Twitter’s a different beast, as things move much more quickly over there. I follow about 350 people on Twitter, and there are a good number of them who update many, many times a day. And a few who do so many times an hour. If I let it go just an hour between looking, there’s likely to be a couple of hundred tweets to read, and usually I’d scroll back though as many as I could. Why? In case I missed anything interesting. Well needless to say leaving it a day means that there’s simply no way I can “catch up”. So I’m not trying.

And do I miss it?

No, of course I don’t. Well, okay, a bit. It’s become a habit, you see. As if you hadn’t noticed.

One of the things I hope to do with the time I save by not catching up is to post on here more regularly. I plan to write about work, I plan to write about study (I’m doing two courses at the moment. Well, I would be if the Learndirect site would let me access the ITQ stuff from home). I plan to post examples of the things I’m learning about Photoshop.

Well, as I say, those are plans. Time will tell if they’ll come to fruition.

Photo by avlxyz on Flickr


One thought on “Farewell, Facebook; Toodle-pip, Twitter.

  1. myfavouritesweets

    Phew! Thought you were gone forever for a moment Trevor! I may take a leaf out of your book – I am recognising the same traits in myself, and it does stop me doing other things – such as writing and blogging! Look forward to seeing more posts on here x


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