A warm welcome to newcomers.

Andy has kindly put a link to this blog on the Arch to Arc website, and I see from my sneaky behind-the-scenes site stats that I’ve had a few visitors who’ve come here by following that link.

If that’s you – or indeed if you’re new here for any other reason, welcome!

Photo by just.Luc on Flickr

You’ll see that this isn’t solely a cycling blog. I write about a mixture of things; whatever takes my fancy really, but you can see from the list on the right what the main topics have been. So if you’re just after cycling stuff, click on the cycling link to filter out all the rest. And if you’re specifically after my write-ups of Arch to Arc 2010, use the links below.

I’ve been putting off updating here about how I’m now feeling about redundancy and adapting to a new job, but I suspect something may be appearing soon. And maybe one day I might be inspired to write something else about my (lack of) faith. Maybe.


What do *you* think?

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