Arch to Arc revisited

It’s been over two months now since I cycled London to Paris as part of the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer’s “Arch to Arc.”

So is it any surprise that it’s also over two months since I went out on a proper bike ride? Sigh. I’m missing it, although I can’t help notice that it’s only eight o’clock as I type this and it’s pitch black outside already, so quite when I’d get to go out on decent rides I don’t know. I was planning to join some of my fellow arch to arc riders for a hundred mile ride later this month, but managed to mix the dates up and double-book myself. So I now have no idea when I’ll really start riding again.

I do still have plans to treat myself to a new bike at some point, but I guess I ought to have a cycling target to aim at before I can justify that.

Anyway, reason for this post appearing now? I’ve just had a short article published in the Land Registry staff magazine. I may not be staff any more, but I was when I wrote the article! (I did ask the editor to decribe me as formerly from Stevenage Office, but I guess he chose not to. Here’s a screenshot from the intranet version. (I’ve seen the paper version too, which is the same except with one additional photo.)

Also, I’ve not mentioned on here the appearance of the official video from the ride, in which I also manage to feature. So here it is:

There’s also a new website on its way. I’ll let you know when it’s gone fully live.


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