Whatever happened to “A work in Progress”?

The title of this blog was originally intended to reflect something about my spiritual life (which was also originally the sole topic of this blog). But keen-eyed readers may have noticed something: I’ve said nothing about anything spiritual for bloomin’ ages. Since September 21 2009, in fact. That’s ten months. Does that mean I’ve had no spiritual thoughts in that time? Do you know – I think it does.

Maybe I no longer feel that my spiritual life is A Work in Progress.

But last time I thought about the title, I eventually realised that every aspect of my life is. So the title still stands.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day at Land Registry. Redundant after 22 years and 2 months. Loads going round in my head about it all. Mixed feelings about what’s happened up to this point, and even more about where I go from here, and how it’s all going to affect my family life. I’d love to write a full post about it all, but fear it would all be a bit muddled.

Also, I have some baking to do. Got to take some goodies in for my team, really.

I am about to do some cooking. These are my ingredients.
Ingredients. Oooh, yes.

Maybe I’ll get that post written later.


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