The Wednesday after Paris

It’s Wednesday evening, so I could have gone on another ride with the Stevenage CTC tonight. But I didn’t. So here’s the 23 mile ride I went on with them two weeks ago – on the Wednesday immediately after my ride to Paris.

Well, what can I say? I was riding my friend’s bike, as mine was still in a van on its way back to me, and I could sure tell that it was a lot lighter than mine. It’s still too big for me, but it did feel a smoother ride. I proudly wore my Arc to Arc cycling top; a couple of people who I’d chatted to on my previous outing with the group remembered I was due to be doing the ride and asked how it had gone, so I gladly told them (and made point of mentioning that the charity are looking for more riders next year).

This route was rather nice – some pretty roads that I’d not ventured onto before and a nice pub – and the ride seemed, unsurprisingly, easy compared to what I’d done just a few days previously. But I was glad to be going out so soon, and must do so more. Perhaps I need to start looking at some of their longer weekend rides to keep my distances up.

In other cycling news, there’s talk of getting back together with the other Arch to Arc riders for the Brighton 100. That would most certainly be my longest ever distance in a day – but I’m looking forward to it already.

And in other cycling news, I’ve started to research buying myself a new bike. Well, I do have a big redundancy payout coming next month…


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