Yet another change to the redundancy stuff. Too late for me this time.

So, another cabinet office press release, another all staff email at Land Registry, another change.

You’ll recall that we’d been told that we were now assured that as long as out agreed leaving date was no later than 15 September 2010 we’d still have the current redundancy package. And you’ll recall that, despite that, I’ve now agreed a leaving date of 31st July 2010. I’d had an offer of a couple of days a week in my lettings agency, and the difference between going now or mid-september didn’t seem all that significant.

Well, today’s news would very likely have changed my decision if I’d not made it already. (For once our dates are agreed, they’re binding.) Here’s the relevant extract:

Q. I am in an office that is closing. What does that mean for me?

A. It means that if you email the Transition Team to let us know the date you wish to leave (a date no later than that planned for the closure of your office) by 15 September, we will confirm to you, in writing by 30 September, that you can leave on that date on the current CSCS terms.

In other words, we now don’t actually have to go by 15 September, we just have to agree our date by then. Stevenage office doesn’t close until the end of June 2011, so if I’d not jumped already, I could still be there until then and get the decent redundancy. It’s not that I want to stay that long, but that’s an extra year’s salary, an extra year to think about and plan for what I want to do, and a lot closer to when my son goes into full-time education. Much easier for my family life if I could have kept up our current working pattern until then.

But, no. My date is agreed. I’m excited about going.

I’m not going to regret it.

(PS: sorry to interrupt all the nice cycling posts with this. I was going to write up day three tonight, but then I heard about this…)


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