London to Paris: a (brief!) mid-way update

Well folks, I’m in Abbeville after two days of great cycling. 87 miles and 74 miles.

I’ve managed to find a bit of online time, but not long enough to post proper updates, And I don’t have the technology to post maps or photos; the details will just have to wait till I get back home. (I’m jotting down a few notes as we go along to help me remember what’s happened each day.)

So this is just a quick note to say a huge thank you to all who’ve been sending me messages of support and encouragement by whatever means. Some reach me by text, but many others I’ve only seen when I got online tonight, and it has given me a big smile to read through them.

As of I didn’t already have a big enough smile after getting this far.

60 miles or so tomorrow, then even fewer on Sunday to reach Paris by 2-3pm.

Keep checking my twitter feed for regular snippets.


4 thoughts on “London to Paris: a (brief!) mid-way update

  1. martinsj2

    Great job! Please be mindful of the French. I understand there is some sort of soccer tournament underway and their side didn’t fare very well. They may be a bit on edge.

  2. Mediocre Mum

    We are following your adventure closely on Twitter. Well done you. Just curious…..will you be cycling around the Arc de Triomphe???? Now that would be insane.

    1. Trevor Post author

      We’re going *to* the Arc. To the best of my knowlege, there’s no plan to go *around* it. You’re quite right, that would be insane.

      1. Trevor Post author

        I was wrong! We approached the Arc from the north and went all the way around to meet our support crew and welcome party on the East.

        It was a touch unnerving, but overall we found French drivers to be much more cycle-friendly than English ones.


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