London to Paris. A few last minute thoughts…

Well, folks, after all this build up and preparation, the time is nearly here: I set off for Paris tomorrow morning.

If you want to keep up to date with where I’m up to and how it’s going, my twitter feed is probably the easiest way to do it as I should  be able to update by text from pretty much everywhere.

Here’s a quick link to my twitter feed in case you need it:

I’ll aim to post a longer update on here at the end of each day’s riding, but that will depend on the availability of internet and indeed technology; I know there will be at least a couple of laptops kicking around among the group, but whether it’ll be possible – or appropriate – to borrow them long enough to post proper updates with photos and maps will depend on circumstances. As long as I have wi-fi access I should be able to post short textual updates if nothing else, as I’ll have an iPod touch with me. And if I do post anything on here a link is automatically pumped out to twitter anyway so if you’re following me there you’ll see it.

I’ll have my mobile phone with me, so if you have my number do feel free to text – but please don’t phone as it’ll cost me to receive calls, and I won’t thank you. I’m sure it will cost you extra, too. But it won’t cost me anything to send or receive texts.

And that’s about it really. Most of my packing’s done; there’s no time for any more training; just a couple of last-minute adjustments to my bike and make sure I get plenty of sleep tonight. And then I’ll be ready to go.

Oh, one last thing: if you still haven’t sponsored me, please do.

Here’s a quick link to my sponsorship page in case you need it:

Now… where did I put my passport?


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