Infection. Please go away.

Remember that pathetic little injury from a small fall last week? You know, this one:

Well, it’s only gone and caused a bit of a problem, hasn’t it.

At the weekend, after I’d been doing a fair bit of clambering around among rock pools on a family holiday, I felt a pain in my groin (no, I’m not going to post a picture of my groin) which I assumed to be the result of pulling or straining a muscle. I took some ibuprofen and hoped it would go away. But by the evening I noticed that there was actually a bit of a swelling. And the next day the front of my thigh was a bit tender, together with my kneecap. I still assumed it was a strained muscle and, by now back home, just thought I’ll rest it and apply icepacks. But this morning I could actually see a thin line of redness all along where the tenderness was, and my kneecap was noticeably swollen compared to the other one.

And I’m supposed to be setting off for Paris on Thursday morning. By bike.

So I rang my GP’s surgery to see if I could see someone. Really, all I wanted was some advice on the best way to treat it over the next couple of days to minimise the chance of it causing problems with the ride. I rang at 8, and got an appointment for 9:10, which was fantastic. And I’m glad I did it, because I would hve gone on trying to treat a non-existant muscle strain if the doctor hadn’t told me it was all caused by an infection. I’d sped a couple of days thinking it had started in my groin and worked its way down, but no. It was that damn silly graze on my knee. A slight infection had worked its way up through a blood vessel and found its way to a lymph gland, which is where I’d first felt the pain and seen the swelling.

I’m on antibiotics. Let’s hope the start to do their job in the next 24 hours or so. We leave Marble Arch at 8am on Thursday…

Oh, and did I mention that its damn sore.


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