Current Civil Service Terms still available. Now until mid September.

Well, after more waiting we’ve finally had the announcemt giving us the interpretation of the judge’s ruling. In other words what does mean for us.

Here’s the very brief summary of the judgement, extracted from what we were issued with today:

The Judge hearing this case has now issued his second judgement, following the PCS’s application for a judicial review of the amendments to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS). The Judge has quashed almost all the CSCS amendments that were made introducing a new scheme from 1 April 2010.  In addition, the Judge has held that the “accrued rights” protection in the Superannuation Act 1972 extends to the Approved and Flexible terms as well as to Compulsory terms.  This means that for the present the only lawful CSCS terms are the ‘old terms’ that pre-dated the 1 April changes, both for compulsory and voluntary redundancy.

The one exception to the quashing order was the amendment by which the taper applying to the lump sum compensation of 6 month’s pay was removed for those aged 57 and over and subject to Compulsory Early Retirement terms. This means that the amended estimates on the old terms provided to those aged 57 and over in (April?) remain valid.

There then follows some more more detailed stuff about how this affects people in a variety of circumstances, but the most important part, for me at least, was this:

Based on this advice anyone leaving on compulsory redundancy (CER/CES) terms with a last day of service up to 15 September 2010 will receive the old terms.  We are not able to say what terms would be received by anyone with a last day of service after 15 September 2010.

Which gives us a bit more notice that the 31 July 2010 date we were told a couple of weeks ago. Looks like I’ll be staying with Land Registry just a wee bit longer.


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