Clearing my head

With all that’s going on at work, and the need to make a quick decision about whether to “jump ship” much sooner than I’d expected, there’s a lot going round and round in my head at the moment. Had a long chat with my wife last night, who – as I expected – threw a few more considerations into the pot. Family life, that sort of thing. Still not decided just yet, but we do have a week or so to make our move, so I’m holding fire and trying not to get caught up in all the panic. Apparently up to a third of the staff at Stevenage office have said they’re going before the end of July already.

Anyway, in an attempt to clear my head a little, I went out for a bike ride last night. Here’s where I went: 

It was nice.

But I can’t really say it cleared my head.


What do *you* think?

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