Bike Week 2010

A friend mentioned yesterday that my ride to Paris just happens to be taking place in National Bike Week. Which appears to have been re-branded this year as “Team Green Britain Bike Week”

If ever there was a great opportunity to try out a bit of cycling, this is probably it. Click on the banner and you’ll find you can search by postcode and find a whole host of cycling events. There’s bound to be something for you.

As for me? Well, I looked and found lots of rides organised by the Stevenage Cycle Touring Club. I’ve known about the group for years, but never been inclined to join in. As I’ve said, I’ve been enjoying the solitude of my country lane rides. But the route to Paris will be in a group of fifteen, so I ought to get at least a little experience of riding in a group.

So I’m planning to join them for their evening ride on Tuesday 22nd June. If you’re taking part, do say hello!

Of course, if you search and find that for whatever reason there’s simply no way you can get involved in a ride or event in Bike Week, I can suggest one way. My ride is in Bike Week: so sponsor me!


What do *you* think?

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