Day two of three: 17 miles in Stevenage.

After the delight of 65 miles the previous day, mostly on country roads, I fancied something different for Saturday’s ride, so I set out and simply weaved my was around town on a mixture of cycle paths and roads. It was also a little later than I’d planned, and we’d had a couple of rain showers, so I wanted to avoid geting caught out in the lanes as darkness fell.

And I loved it. It was great fun zipping around here and there in town. I was in familiar territory, but also explored a few areas I’ve hardly ever been through despite living here in Stevenage for 42 years. I’ll do more like this.

Although it has to be said I don’t get a lot of hill practice this way.


One thought on “Day two of three: 17 miles in Stevenage.

  1. martinsj2

    Congratulations on your progress. The London to Paris ride sounds epic! In the New World, we don’t have quite the same ambience as that. I’m fortunate to live near Washington, DC, which is just about as good as it gets in that respect. Of course it also means sharing the road with 5 million inhabitants, 99.9% of whom rely exclusively on their car for transportation. I also live within five miles of the major artery for the Eastern Seaboard, which adds to the duel between bike and car. Best of luck as you prep for the big event!


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