A non-cycling music post: buskers in Stevenage!

Stevenage busker #1

I like buskers. Always feel they make a dreary environment just that bit brighter. It’s rare that we get any in Stevenage Town Centre, but today there must have been something in the air (sunshine, perhaps?) that brought them out of their hiding places, because in a brief stroll around at lunchtime I came across two.  And they cheered me up. Not that I needed cheering up, you understand.

The guy pictured above was doing fairly standard melodic lead guitar work over a backing track. Nothing special, but better than nothing. The guy below was great. Just him and his guitar, and a great voice. Didn’t recognise the songs I heard, but I ‘m getting old so that’s no surprise. Thanks, guys, whoever you are. 

Stevenage busker #2

UPDATE: I just had to pop out into town again, and there was yet another one! Tried to get a photo discretely but he looked like he’d spot me and I missed. Wish I carried a better camera. Busker #3 had a keyboard.


One thought on “A non-cycling music post: buskers in Stevenage!

  1. mim

    I have busked once or twice in Stevenage- once got paid to move on- I think the six variations of SummerTime got a bit much for theoffice workers…


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