Cycle paths? Pah!

Despite what I said last time, this evening was just too nice to stay on Stevenage cycle paths so I soon found myself back out on the country lanes. Only a twenty-miler, but what a lovely one: another set of pretty villages and delightful countryside, and this time with no deadline so I could go wherever the fancy took me.

I still found it a bit of a slog towards the end, but I’m not too worried about stamina for the Paris ride. Riding with others does feel different, I’m, told, and you all help one another along the way. And the organisers are planning stops about every twenty miles, so I’m sure I’ll be fine.

It happens to work out that I’ll be able to get another ride in tomorrow, too, so I’ll have my first chance to see what two consecutive days feels like.

Distance: 20.56 miles
Riding time: 1 hr 29 min
Average speed: 13.8 mph (Slightly disappointing. Until about the last two miles it was over 14mph.)
Top speed: 37.4 mph (Wheeeee!)
Wildlife observations: Saw a few pheasants as always, and about two billion greenfly, most of them trying to land on me


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