I keep getting asked the question. So here’s an answer.

People keep asking me something.  How’s the training going?, they ask. Hmm. Well, it’s a good question.

I’d felt like it was going okay. My distances have increased and I rarely feel like getting to Paris is going to be too much of a struggle. But my last training ride was a bit discouraging – I felt pretty burned out after not much more than twenty miles – and I’ve not managed to get back out on my bike since. That’s over a week. I’d planned to be out at least three times a week by now, but finding the time simply isn’t easy.

And now I’m starting to hear snippets of fellow Arch to Arc riders’ training. I hear that some are doing sixty, seventy mile rides. I hear of a thirty mile ride with an average speed of 15mph where the rider felt like he was holding his companion (another Arch to Arc rider)  back. And then I look at my averages: over the last seven rides, it works out at 13.3mph. And it’s not been improving either.

Photo by caveman on Flickr

So I’m wondering if I need to change my focus for a bit. My rides may have been getting longer, and without too much difficulty, but they’ve not been getting any faster. Maybe for the next few rides I should just stick to a simple circuit around the Stevenage cycle paths and see if I can push the pace up a bit. To be frank, I’ve not exactly been getting home especially worn out. In a couple of weekends I have a long haul ride planned. We’re going on a family camping holiday somewhere near Reading and I have in mind to take my bike and ride home. It’s about 70 miles.

I expect my wife wife will get home before me in the car.


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