Decidedly chilly out there!

A sunny day, so out we went with the trailer again. A similar ride to the one at the weekend: about six and a half miles on a mixture of cycle paths and roads, with a stop half way to play in a park. Utterly lovely to be out and about. But decidedly chilly. Was glad to get home for a nice hot cup of tea!

Out for a proper training ride later today. Let’s hope for a better average speed than this one!

Distance: 6.54 miles
Riding time: 46 min.
Average speed: 8.4 mph
Top speed: 18.9 mph (and I’ve just noticed that the trailer says “maximum speed 25 mph”, so I must be careful down hills!)

I bought myself a single cup and saucer for my desk at work, but have enjoyed using it at home so much I'll have to get another one.


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