Broke the thirty-mile barrier! (Albeit inadvertently.)

Had a restricted time for riding this evening, as I had to be back in time for a band practice, so I planned a route that looked to be about 25 miles and took in a stop at my brother’s house in Harpenden. Thought I’d surprise them, you see.

But not everything goes to plan. Firstly I took a few wrong turns and ended up going via Wheathamstead and right through the middle of Harpenden, and also nearly took in a visit to Luton Airport. Which did mean that I broke the thirty-mile barrier for the first time, but also meant I ended up late for my band practice. I need a better map.  Oh, and no-one was home at my brothers, so I sat on the doorstep and ate a banana. Which was nice.

It was a funny sort of ride. Felt great to be on my own bike, and those tyres are simply lovely, but there were times when to be frank I didn’t want to be out there. It was fairly chilly still, but I was cycling hard at times (there were some nasty hills!) so kept warm, but after the about the twenty mile mark I had to keep stopping for little breaks far more frequently than I’d like to. Maybe every mile or so. I was knackered. And having a deadline – and knowing I was cutting it fine – didn’t add to the enjoyment one little bit.

Still, I cycled past loads of bluebells; that pretty much made up for it. And lots of squished pheasants, which didn’t. Then to cap the evening off nicely we had a great band practice, which is a good job because we’re playing at Stevenage Carnival in a few weeks. (About which, more later.)

Distance: 31.8 miles
Riding time: 2 hr 31 min.
Average speed: 12.6 mph
Top speed: 28.8 mph
Craving: Mars Bar. Was desperate for one for the last hour. Didn’t pass any village stores.


2 thoughts on “Broke the thirty-mile barrier! (Albeit inadvertently.)

  1. Brian

    Nice distance, wonderful woodland scenery around the from Old Knebworth around the Ayots. I find it tends to be a bit busy around Wheathampsted. I know what you mean about running out of steam – knowing you had gone further than expected with a deadline to meet may have meant that your pace was up & down on the last stretch. I have os 1:25000 for both Stevenage area & St Albans – You are more than welcome to borrow! May be we could meet up for a ride out sometime?
    Keep cycling

  2. Trevor Post author

    Thanks Brian. I’ll pick up a map sometime; it really is about time I had a decent one anyway. Oh, and happy to meet up for a ride sometime. It’s just working out when.


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