A less-than-impressive average

Here are today’s ride stats for your perusal. Not impressive at all are they?

Distance: 6.07 miles
Riding time: 46 min.
Average speed: 7.9 mph
Top speed: 17.2 mph

Average 7.9 mph?! What went wrong?


This was my maiden voyage with our new Croozer Kid 2 trailer. It sure is a different kind of riding when you’re towing a trailer. Hills are hard work – I was using lower gears that I’ve used for some time – but the main reason it’s so much slower overall is that you just have to be so very careful in picking your route. No swinging tightly round corners. Passing potholes (and dog poo) requires consideration of not only my wheels bit those behind me. Constant awareness of the additional width. An occasional curb needn’t present a problem on a bike – but with a trailer they’re strictly no-go.

But it was fun! And we stopped for half an hour our so at the park, too.


What do *you* think?

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