A tale of two deliveries

On Tuesday two deliveries arrived within ten minutes of each other.

Two deliveries today. Arrived within ten minutes of each other. Which to set up first, I wonder?

When the Parcel Force van arrived with the tyres, I had already seen the UPS van down the street and hoped it might contain a little something for me. Sure enough, no sooner than I had opened the first delivery up, the doorbell rang again.

I’ve already told you about the tyres. So what about that other box, I hear you ask.

I mentioned some time ago that our iMac had failed. Well, after a few diagnostics and a visit to the Apple Geniuses at the Milton Keynes store, a dead Logic Board was confirmed. It would have cost too much to make it worth repairing, so after a little procrastination we went ahead and ordered a brand spanking new one. (Okay, okay, so I admit it: I was delighted to hear that the old one was unrepairable.)

I didn’t get the chance to unpack it until the next morning. Amazing to think that I could exercise such incredible self-restraint, eh? No, of course I couldn’t; it was a nasty stomach bug that sent me back to a very early bed, dreaming of getting it set up in our specially-tidied office the next morning. And so I think you can just imagine how I felt the next morning when I unpacked it to find this in the corner of the screen:

This is how my new iMac arrived direct from Apple.

And that’s why this tale of two deliveries remains unfinished. The iMac is back in its box, not even plugged in, awaiting collection by a courier.

But the good news is: its replacement has been dispatched and should be with us by Wednesday. Let’s hope this one manages to arrive undamaged.


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