In praise of SafeStyle UK: Part III

I told our Safestyle UK story way back in February last year here, and followed it up with another ‘satistied customer’ report here.

Well, it’s time for another update. The big window in my son’s room usually stays closed and locked, but we opened it a couple of weeks ago for some reason, and noticed it was very stiff to open, and took a bit of force to close again. Uh, oh, we thought.

And so I rang Safestyle UK. On a Thursday. At about three o’clock.

“Yes, we can get someone to come and look at that, Sir.
Is tomorrow morning okay?”

Sorry? Tomorrow morning? Why, yes, of course, that’s fantastic. And sure enough in the morning we had a call from an engineer, who visited at eleven o’clock, took the window apart and rebuilt it. From phone call to fixed window in less that 24 hours. I’d say that’s pretty impressive.


2 thoughts on “In praise of SafeStyle UK: Part III

    1. Trevor Post author

      And if you search online for SafeStyle UK you’ll find a LOT of people moaning about them. Indeed some people do seem to have had appalling problems. Which is why I thoughth I ought to write about our good experience, too.


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